Generous response to Sponsored Fast

12 Feb

‘Friends…’ Trustee, Steve Jennings says: As announced at the beginning of the year, I fasted over the weekend of the 30/31st January, a total of 60 hrs.  The motivation for the fast was the need to replace funding for our feeding programme at Ray of Hope School following the loss of a sponsor.  The sum needed for 2016 was £800.  Fifteen hours into the fast I was not doing too well, I had a headache and was beginning to feel nauseous.  As I frequently go 24 hrs without food without such a reaction, I soon realised that it was the lack of caffeine that was the problem,  A strong cup of sugarless black tea soon put me right, and I completed the full 60hrs, celebrating with a hearty breakfast at its conclusion.

I was overwhelmed with the response to the fast, and now that virtually all of the promised money is in, I am pleased to be able to announce that in excess of £2,700 has been raised!   I offer my sincere thanks to all who have supported me so generously.  We would have had to have found the money from somewhere to feed the children even without the sponsorship, as there is no way we could have stopped.  However, such an outcome has enabled to go into this year with confidence.

Providing a daily nutritious meal for the children is crucial to their well being and so will remain a top priority for ‘Friends..’.  As for the project, their focus is on education, but it is not possible to successfully teach a hungry or sick child, and so they too have to deal with the ‘whole’ child.   If you would like to help provide the means for them to do this then please get in touch, we would love to welcome you to our small group of ‘Friends of Ray of Hope.’

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