Sale of craft goods raises £600

5 Apr


Whenever our trustees visit the project, we have learned to take minimal clothing so that on our return we can fill our cases with craft goods, much of it made by the mothers of Ray of Hope children.  The women have learned craft skills in sewing and basket making, and in addition to their work, other craft goods our bought at the market.  Even though we never quibble over prices we pay in Uganda, and have even paid more than asked for on occasion, we can always make a healthy profit when we sell in the UK.  Every penny we make, as always, goes back to the project.   We take advantage of any opportunity we are given to have a stall at village events, and this year have taken part in Milford’s Big Breakfast event and also Food Week which has just finished.  We have also generated our own selling opportunities and in total so far this year have raised £600 in this way.

We have masses of beads of various sorts, and will be trying to sell some on ebay, but if you think you may be able to sell some for us then please get in touch.

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